Conduct Elections Research

Knowledge is power, which is why we're investing our time and energy into compiling a comprehsnive report of which PA elected officials have accepted police union money in the past or who currently accept it. Armed with this information, we're able to hold our elected representatives accountable and ensure that they take action to protect our lives -- to protect Black lives -- rather than protecting guilty officers, as police unions are notorious for doing. If you're able to commit to doing campaign finance research with us, please email us.

Be a Social Media Champion

Reinvest in Black Communities

Like the Black Lives Matter movement is not just about defunding the police, but about valuing Black lives, NCM PA is not just about getting elected officials to stop being beholden to police unions, but about investing in and returning resources to Black communities. If you know of any Black-run or Black-serving organizations in your community and you want to recommend them to be added to our list of recommendations to elected officials about where to invest resources, please email us with the organization's name and  website and we'll add it.

Social media is your platform to tell the world what you care about. NCM PA challenges you to use it to demand change and disrupt the status quo. This means not only sharing infographics and articles, but petitions, donation links to underresourced organizations, calls to action, invitations to events, and more. For more advice on what and how to post to turn your social media into a space for critical reflection and social change, check out NCM PA's social media toolkit which is linked above. And don't forget to follow us on Twitter & Instagram.

Involve Your Elected Official

Help Us Take it  to the Press

As a constituent, you have the power to ensure that your represenatives actually respond to the needs of your community. After all, our elected officials work for us. So check out the social media toolkit below for information about how to publicly pressure your elected officials to sign the NCM PA Pledge and committ to rejected police union money and endoresements. We need your help -- get started now! Click below to take a two minute action to email your officials.

In order to put more pressure on elected officials to commit to not taking police union money  or endorsements, we're calling on you to help us raise public awareness of elected officials who continue to take money from police unions and uphold the police state. We need help circulating local petitions, writing op-eds, and more. If you're able to help circulate petitions and write op-eds, please fill out our action network form and we'll be in touch with next steps.

For Elected Officials & Candidates

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