On police violence & the police state

  • How Police Unions Became so Powerful — and How They can be Tamed - Read here
  • Defunding the Police Will Actually Make Us Safer - Read here
  • The U.S. Police State: How the United States has Become Its Own Worst Nightmare - Read here
  • How Police Unions Enable and Conceal Abuses of Power - Read here
  • Analysis: The thing about police unions - Read here
  • What does ‘Defund the Police’ Mean and does it have Merit? - Read here
  • National No More Cop Money Research - Check it out
  • American Policing Timeline - Check it out

On Black Lives Matter & racial justice

  • About the Black Lives Matter Movement - Read here
  • How to Talk to Your Parents About Black Lives Matter - Read here
  • How You Can be an Ally to the Black Lives Matter Movement - Read here
  • Discrimination in America: Experiences and Views on Affects of Discrimination - Read here
  • Seven Ways We Know Systemic Racism Is Real - Read here
  • A Guide to Allyship - Read here
  • How Racism Kills Black Americans - Listen to the story


On Protesting & Supporting Protestors

  • Pennsylvania Mutual Aid Fund Masterlist (including Pittsburgh, Philladelphia, and Central PA bail & mutual aid organizations) - Check it out
  • ACLU Know Your Rights (Protesting Guide) - Read here

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