The following candidates applied for but did not recieve an endorssement from No Cop Money PA for their respective 2021 Primary Election races:


  • Bethani Cameron - The NCM PA team was impressed by Bethani Cameron, candidate for Pittsburgh City Council, District 4, but given that two candidates applied for endorsement for the same position in the same race, the NCM PA team ultimately decided that Connor Mulvaney had a stronger and more radical approach to police and prison abolition, and thus voted to endorse Mulvaney rather than Cameron. Cameron’s application, however, hit on and approached many critical issues from the same perspective as NCM PA. The candidate clearly exhibited her deep commitment to class justice and personal involvement with class-based injustice in a way that came across as genuine and deeply connected to the work of NCM PA. Cameron was also the only candidate to address the need to amend PA Act 111 of 1968 (which gives the FOP undue power) which stuck out as highly knowledgeable and extremely strategic. The NCM PA team believes in Cameron and her work, but ultimately voted against endorsement.





  • Kyle Hudson - The NCM PA team did not conduct verbal deliberations on Kyle Hudson, candidate for Mayor of West Chester, as his application did not reach the aggregate 80/100 score necessary to move from the individual review stage to the group deliberation stage. While the NCM PA team does think Hudson is invested in equity and justice, we found many of his answers to be lacking in historical knowledge of racial injustice, overtly anti-abolitionist, and often lacking the amount of policy detail we expect to see, and was considered, thus, to be generally unsatisfactory. The NCM PA team believes in learning and growth, and would be open to supporting Hudson in the future, should he commit more deeply and explicitly to learning about and advocating for police state abolition and racial justice work.






The 2021 Primary Election cycle of endorsements has now closed. Further information about endorsements for the 2021 General Election cycle (and additional future election cycles) will be published here as it becomes available.


The following candidates have been endorsed by No Cop Money PA for their respective 2021 Primary Election races (note that general election endorsements will be listed here as November 2021 approaches):




No Cop Money PA knows that who is in office -- and what those officials value, how they vote, and where their campaign finances come from -- matters; which is why we're endorsing candidates seeking office in PA. From City and County Council, to the PA House and Senate, to Congress, the Governor's Mansion, judicial seats, and beyond, NCM PA is committed to uplifting, endorsing, and supporting any candidate fully dedicated to dismantling the police state and moving towards achieving true racial justice across our Commonwealth. 




NCM PA supports progressive candidates who fight for our communities -- not the FOP (Fraternal Order of Police). Any candidate who receives an NCM PA endorsement is certified by the NCM PA State Team as a candidate who will:


- Not accept campaign contributions, nor endorsements, from law enforcement unions now and into the future;

- Remain guided by strong progressive values and understand their intersections in the fight for justice;

- Publicly advocate for dismantling the police state, disempowering police unions, and empowering Black communities;

- Uplift NCM PA’s work and collaborate with NCM PA's community-based supporting organizations;

- Foster an anti-racist, more just Commonwealth through dismantling systems of oppression.

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