No Cop Money PA will demand our elected officials refuse money from police unions and, instead, to donate to organizations that uplift Black communities. Created by youth organizers, NCM PA will hold our elected officials accountable, support calls for abolition/defunding of law enforcement, and amplify antiracist work, voices, and policies. 

Operating through a statewide network, No Cop Money PA will connect organizers and organizations with common goals in an effort to maximize our collective power and hold our elected officials accountable to dismantling systems of oppression.




  • To help dismantle the police state and related systems that enable said police state.


  • To identify elected officials who are more focused on political gain than on dismantling systems that oppress their constituents, particularly Black constituents.


  • To aid in the financial empowerment of local Black communities by “returning” money to the Black community that has historically been withheld due to systemic racism.


We have or are aiming to have organizers in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Erie, State College, Scranton, and Harrisburg. To join our team, please visit the "Join Us" tab of this website.












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